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Newsletters are published periodically by SQUG on the results of projects, earthquake investigations, use of the GIP to seismically qualify new and replacement equipment (NARE), future SQUG training classes and meetings, and related seismic topics.  These newsletters are available for the public to read.  Use the search feature on your web browser to find topics of specific interest.  For example, in Internet Explorer, select from the main menu: Edit | Find (on the Page . . .).



Topics Covered in Newsletter







Recent Earthquakes

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations and eSQUG

SQUG Current and Future Research:

Seismic – Fire/Flood Guidance

Fragilities from Experience Data

Raising the Bounding Spectrum

Seismic Training Programs:

SQUG Walkdown Training

SQUG Web-based Training

SQUG Relay Evaluation Training

Equipment Seismic Qualification Training

Risk-Informed SPRA Training

Post Earthquake Actions – EPRI Guidance and ANS Standard

Cast in-Place Anchor Capacity


International Support/Meetings

Fukushima Near-Term Task Force Recommendations

Seismic Source and Ground Motion Models Update

High Frequency Tests and Guidance

SQUG Web-Site Postings

SQUG Steering Group and Membership Update





Recent Earthquakes

Tohoku, Japan M9.0 Earthquake and Fukushima Dai-ichi and Daini Plants

Experience of North Anna Power Station Following the Mineral VA M5.8 Earthquake

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations

GSTERI, GIP - GERS and Evaluation of NAMCO Limit Switches and Solenoid Valves

Potential Future Research

Surveys and More Surveys

Seismic Training Programs

SQUG Walkdown Training

SQUG Web-based Training

Fukushima Task 2.3 Training

Equipment Seismic Qualification

Risk-informed / SPRA Training

International Support/Meeting

NRC Near Term Task Force (NTTF) Recommendations on Fukushima and GI-199

CEUS Source Characterization

2011 Annual Winter Meeting

SQUG Steering Group and Membership Update

2012 SQUG Winter Meeting





August 2010

Recent Earthquakes

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations

Seismic Training

Updated G-STERI Evaluations

European SQUG Meetings

2010 SQUG Winter Meeting

A SQUG Survey

This and That:

Rod Hanger Supports

GI-199 Update

Seismic PRA Pilot Plant Review

CEUS Source Characterization

Changes Are Coming to Steering Group Membership





November 2009

Recent Earthquakes

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations

SQUG Training

Updated G-STERI Evaluations

Reg. Guide 1.100 Rev 3

IAEA EBP on Seismic Safety of NPPs

2009 SQUG Winter Meeting

This and That:

Updated Training Material

Updated Piping Report

HVAC Units in Hospitals

IEEE 344 -20??

Civil Engineers at L’Aquila

New Plant Margins

PSHA Inputs


June 2009

Recent Earthquakes

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations

SQUG Training

2009 Winter Meeting

Licensing SQUG Data

SQUG Website and List Server Updates

IAEA EBP on Seismic Safety of NPPs

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Restart

GI-199 Update





November 2008

Recent Earthquakes

Ongoing Earthquake Investigations

SQUG Training

HVAC Training Module

Seismic Housekeeping Benchmarking

GI-199 Update

Piping Evaluation Guideline

Updated G-STERI Evaluations

IAEA EBP on Seismic Safety of NPPs

IEEE 344 and DG-1175

2008 SQUG/SEQUAL Winter Meeting

MCEER Partnership

New Plant Update


June 2008

China Earthquake

Other Recent Earthquakes

Hawaii Earthquake Investigation

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Progress

SQUG Relay Evaluation Training

2008 Winter Meeting

DG-1175, Draft Reg. Guide for Seismic Qualification Using IEEE 344-2004 and ASME QME-1

Seismic Housekeeping Benchmarking

IAEA Seismic Study of NPP Earthquakes

On the Move – Greg Hardy and Kelly Merz Move to SGH.

New Plant Seismic Issues

GI-199 – Effect of New Seismic Hazard Results on Existing NPP in CEUS

New Seismic Hazard Studies

Mini GIPs Available Now

G-STERI Updates

Surry S-PRA Pilot





November 2007

Recent Earthquakes

Other Earthquakes

SCE Walkdown Training in Lyon

Seismic Housekeeping

IAEA Seismic Study of Japanese Earthquakes

2007 Winter Meeting

eSQUG Update

New Plant Seismic Issues

GI-199 – Effect of New Seismic Hazard Results on Existing NPP in CEUS


June 2007


Recent Earthquakes

Not So Recent Earthquakes

Steering Group Changes


GIP-3A 50.59 Audited

SMiRT 19

Seismic Housekeeping

MCEER Partnership

2007 Winter Meeting

IAEA Seismic Study of Japanese Earthquakes

Member Requested NARE Evaluations

Are You SMART?

International SQUG/SEQUAL Meetings

SCE Walkdown Training

New Plant Seismic Issues

G-STERI Updates

Seismic RI/PB Activities





November 2006

Recent Earthquakes

Member Requested NARE Evaluations

NERP Examples

MCEER Partnership Update

2006 Winter Meeting

eSQUG Update

European Meetings

New Plant Seismic Issues


July 2006

Recent Earthquakes

Who Ya Gonna Call

Member Requested NARE Evaluations

2006 Winter Meeting

NARE Awareness Training

SMiRT 2007


European Meetings

New Plant Seismic Issues





November 2005

Recent Earthquakes

NARE/NERP Evaluations

Relay GERS Errata

Member Survey

eSQUG Updates

2005 Winter Meeting

On the Regulatory Front

New Plant Seismic Issues

Future Strategies


June 2005

Recent Earthquakes

SQUG/NARE Awareness Training

Relay Evaluation Training

Relay GERS Advisories

Member Survey

New Evaluation Guidelines


IEEE 344 & ASME QME Standards

On the Regulatory Front

2005 Winter Meeting

2006 Member Dues





November 2004

Recent 2004 Quakes

NERP Evaluations of NARE Examples

NRC Response to SQUG’s Submittal of GIP-3A for Review and Approval

SQUG Advisories on Relay GERS

SQUG/NARE Awareness Training Course

Update of SQUG Walkdown Training Course Materials

Guidelines for HVAC, Piping, & Cranes

eSQUG Updates

Status/Plans for SEQUAL

Status of new revision for IEEE Std 344

Seismic Qualification Engineering Training Task

Winter Meeting, 2004


June 2004

Example NARE evaluations

2004 earthquakes

SQUG Advisory GERS errors for GE IAC66K relay

GIP/NARE Awareness Training Course

Updated SCE Walkdown Training Instructor’s Guide

Members needs for Relay Evaluation Training

Pilot use of the HVAC Guidelines

SEQUAL project update

Web site upgrade

ASME QME & IEEE 344 Standards status report

8th NRC/ASME Symposium on Valve & Pump Testing

RISC-3 special treatment requirements in risk informed regulations of 10 CFR 50.69

Plans for SQUG/SEQUAL Winter meeting in December 2004

Plans for conducting SCE training in France in fall of 2004





November 2003

2003 earthquakes

NARE training

Guidelines for seismic evaluation of piping

Members savings from participating in SQUG

SQUG meetings with international members

Seismic training task to educate seismic qualification engineers

SEQUAL update

SQUG comments on NRC proposed rules for risk-informed Option 2 RISC-3 requirements

Update on ASME-QME & IEEE-344 standards revisions

Plans for the Winter 2003 SQUG/SEQUAL member meeting


June 2003

NARE Implementation and NARE Forms

NARE Training

NERP Update


eSQUG Release

Earthquakes Old and New Including Earthquake Damage Evaluations From:

--    Turkey

--    Gujarat India

--    Colima Mexico

--    Alabama

--    Honshu Japan

HVAC Guidelines

ASME & IEEE Standards



Planned Winter Meeting





October 2002

New revisions of NARE Guidelines & 50.59 Template

NARE Training

NERP Example NARE Evaluations

eSQUG Experience Database Update

SCE Training

HVAC Guidelines update

SQUG Website update

ASME and IEEE Standards Development

SQUG Winter 2002 Meeting

Late Breaking News: Proposed Restrictions on Use of Earthquake Experience Data in SECY-02-0176, Proposed Rulemaking to Add a New Section 10 CFR 50.69, “Risk-Informed Categorization and Treatment of Structures, Systems, and Components.”


June 2002

NARE Example Evaluation Panel (NERP) Activities

NARE Guidelines update

NARE training classes

January 2001 India Earthquake

Root Cause of Petacalco Transformer Failure

eSQUG Update

SCE Training

Merging SQUG and SEQUAL Organizations

Summary of Recent Earthquakes Around the World

Plans for the SQUG Winter 2002 Meeting.





April 2001

FINAL A-46 SER Update

Update on Method A Issue in North Anna SER

SQUG's Agreement with NRC: Future ground motion estimates to be performed under nuclear QA program

Performing NARE Evaluations for Parts

Announcement of NARE Course on July 23-24, 2001, Washington DC

Request for Members to Submit Examples of NARE Applications

Recent Earthquakes Around the World

NRC Workshop on Special Treatment of RISC 3 Equipment.





November 2000

Status of the Plant-Specific A-46 SERs

Discussion of Utility "Completion Letters"

Report on Recent Earthquakes

Update on the NARE Example Review Panel (NERP)

Discussion of SQUG Winter Meeting, 12/4 – 12/5/00 in Las Vegas.





October 1995

New Software Available:

--    Windows CD-Rom Earthquake Experience Database

--    SQUG BBS Knowledge Base

EPRI Innovator – TVA Applies Seismic Experience Data to HVAC Duct Supports at Browns Ferry

SQURTS-to-GERS Conversion,

Newsletter Correction Regarding Transformer Short Circuits in 1994 Northridge Earthquake (see September 1995 Newsletter)


September 1995

GIP Revision 3 Submitted to NRC:

--    Additional Restrictions

--    Editorial Changes

--    Typographical Changes

Results of Study of Equipment Failures From 1994 Northridge Earthquake:

--    Transformer Short Circuits

--    Valve Failures

--    Switchgear Breaker Failure

--    Transfer Switch Failures

--    Pump Bearing Damage

SQUG Welcomes New Members,

SQUG Members Train Their Own SCEs


April 1995

Lessons Learned From Recent Earthquakes:

--    Motor Alignment Pins on Horizontal Pumps

SQUG Calendar of Events for 1995





December 1994

Integration of Seismic Resources:

--    IEEE 344-1975

--    Engineering Change Process (ECP)

--    SQUG


--    STERI

--    G-STERI

--    SQURTS

--    Seismic Experience Data


June 1994

SQUG Activities During A-46 Implementation

Summary of SQUG Walkdown at Cook Nuclear Plant

NRC Visits 1994 Northridge Earthquake Sites

Lessons Learned From Recent Earthquakes:

--    Cracked Nozzles in Diesel Cooling Water Manifold

--    Pump With Very Long Discharge Lines

SQUG Trains the Trainers

1994 SQUG Calendar of Events


March 1994

The SQUG BBS -- Your Information Super Highway

Follow-Up Workshop Questions and Answers Posted to the SQUG BBS

Walkdown Preparation Pays

SQUG Walkdown Course Now Available on Videotape

GIP Revision 3 on the Way

Expansion Anchor Task Group

1994 SQUG Calendar of Events





June 1993

Application of the GIP to New and Replacement Equipment and Parts

SQUG Electronic Database

New SQUG Training Course and Additional, Sessions of Existing Courses

The SQUG BBS: The Electronic Workshop


April 1993

SQUG Enters Implementation Phase

GIP Revision 3

SQUG Training Classes

SQUG Videotape Course

SQUG Management Guidelines

Seismic Verification of New and Replacement Equipment and Parts

SQUG Electronic Bulletin Board System

FOLIO Infobase of GIP

Periodic Newsletter/Bulletin Board Information

Plans for 1993 SQUG Meetings




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