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Information for Prospective Members


The information described on this web page can be used by a prospective member of the Seismic Qualification Utility Group (SQUG) to understand the available resources and benefits of membership in the organization. Interested parties are invited to contact Dr. Robert Kassawara, the EPRI Project Manager for SQUG, at (650) 855-2302 or by sending an email message to the SQUG Webmaster at squgwebmaster@mpr.com.


Information describing SQUG and the benefits of membership are provided on the six web pages hyperlinked to the heading listed below.


Introduction to SQUG. The material included on this web page covers use of the experience-based method and its advantages in seismically qualifying equipment for use in nuclear power plants. It also summarizes the advantages of membership in the organization.


Presentation on SQUG Elements. This web page introduces a presentation that describes the key elements of the SQUG program and how members can apply the elements of this program at their nuclear power plants.


SQUG Training Course Videos. SQUG has developed and conducted several training courses to enable SQUG member engineers to apply the experience-based method at their facilities. One of those courses is a five-day training course on how structural and mechanical engineers can apply the SQUG method to perform walkdown screening and seismic evaluation of equipment. Videos of several introductory sections from the week-long SQUG Walkdown Course may be viewed at this link. The sections of the Student Workbook associated with these introductory videos may also be downloaded. These introductory videos and workbook excerpts illustrate the key elements of the Generic Implementation Procedure (GIP) that was developed by SQUG and approved for use by the NRC at USI A-46 plants.


SQUG Newsletters. SQUG periodically publishes newsletters for its members and other interested parties. These newsletters cover recent events and developments related to seismic issues as they affect seismic qualification of equipment. Lessons learned from recent earthquakes are also covered.


Published Papers. Over the years, a number of papers were published in journals and conference proceedings on the SQUG method. These papers describe the development and implementation of the experience-based method by SQUG for seismic qualification of equipment. They also include additional background and details on this innovative approach.


Catalog of Products and Services. SQUG has developed several types of products and services for use by its members and others for a fee. The Catalog of Products and Services lists those products and services that are currently available from SQUG and EPRI as they relate to use of the experience-based method for seismic qualification of equipment.



Last Updated: 5/8/2018

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Info for Prospective Members

Introduction to SQUG

Presentation on SQUG Elements

SQUG Training Course Videos

SQUG Newsletters

Published Papers

Catalog of Products and Services

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