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The abbreviations and acronyms listed below are commonly used by SQUG in the documentation.  Some of these abbreviations and acronyms may have other meanings in another context.  An exhaustive list of abbreviations and acronyms used in the nuclear power industry is compiled in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission report NUREG-0544.


A/C      -     Air Conditioning

AC       -     Alternating Current

ACI      -     American Concrete Institute

A/E       -     Architect/Engineer

ADS     -     Automatic Depressurization System

AF        -     Amplification Factor

AFW     -     Auxiliary Feedwater

AOV     -     Air-Operated Valve

ARS     -     Amplified Response Spectra

ASME   -     American Society of Mechanical Engineers

B&PV   -     Boiler and Pressure Vessel

BNL      -     Brookhaven National Laboratory

BST     -     Boron Storage Tank

BWR    -     Boiling Water Reactor

BWST  -     Borated Water Storage Tank

CB       -     Control Building

CCW    -     Component Cooling Water

CEUS   -     Central and Eastern United States

CFR     -     Code of Federal Regulations

CGI      -     Commercial Grade Initiative

CRD     -     Control Rod Drive

CRGR  -     Committee to Review Generic Requirements

CS       -     Core Spray

CST     -     Condensate Storage Tank

CVCS   -     Chemical and Volume Control System

DBA     -     Design-Basis Accident

DBE     -     Design-Basis Earthquake

DC       -     Direct Current

DG       -     Diesel Generator

DH       -     Decay Heat

DHR     -     Decay Heat Removal

E/P       -     Electro pneumatic

ECCS   -     Emergency Core Cooling System

ECO     -     Engineering Change Optimization

ECW    -     Emergency Cooling Water

EDG     -     Emergency Diesel Generator

EE        -     Earthquake Experience

EEI       -     Edison Electric Institute

EOP     -     Emergency Operating Procedures

EPRI    -     ­­­­Electric Power Research Institute

EQ       -     Environmental Qualification

EQDB   -     Equipment Qualification Databank

ESW    -     Emergency Service Water

FCV     -     Flow Control Valve

FERC   -     Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FIVE     -     Fire Induced Vulnerability Evaluation

FOV     -     Fluid-Operated Valve

FRS     -     Floor Response Spectrum

FRSS   -     Fire Risk Scoping Study

FS        -     Factor of Safety

FSAR   -     Final Safety Analysis Report

FW       -     Feedwater

FWCI   -     Feedwater Coolant Injection

FWP     -     Feedwater Pump

GERS   -     Generic Equipment Ruggedness Spectra

GI        -     Generic Issues

GIP      -     Generic Implementation Procedure

GL        -     Generic Letter

GRS     -     Ground Response Spectra

HCLPF -     High Confidence in Low Probability of Failure

HCU     -     Hydraulic Control Unit

HELB   -     High Energy Line Break

HPCI    -     High Pressure Coolant Injection

HPCS   -     High Pressure Core Spray

HPSI    -     High Pressure Safety Injection

HVAC   -     Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

HX       -     Heat Exchanger

I&C      -     Instrumentation and Control

IC         -     Isolation Condenser

ID         -     Inside Diameter

IE         -     Inspection and Enforcement, Office of (NRC)

IEEE    -     Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IN         -     Information Notice

INPO    -     Institute of Nuclear Plants Operators

IPE       -     Individual Plant Examination

IPEEE  -     Individual Plant Examination of Externally Initiated Events

IRM      -     Intermediate Range Monitor

IRS      -     In-Structure Response Spectrum

ISRS    -     In-Structure Response Spectrum

JCO     -     Justification for Continued Operation

JUTG   -     Joint Utility Task Group

LA        -     License Amendment

LB        -     Licensing Basis

LHSI     -     Low Head Safety Injection

LLNL    -     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LOCA   -     Loss of Coolant Accident

LOOP   -     Loss Of Offsite Power

LOSP   -     Loss of Off-Site Power

LP        -     Low Pressure

LPCI     -     Low Pressure Coolant Injection

LPCS   -     Low Pressure Core Spray

LPI       -     Low Pressure Injection

LR        -     License Renewal

MCC    -     Motor Control Center

MCCB  -     Molded Case Circuit Breaker

MG       -     Motor Generator

MOV    -     Motor Operated Valve

MS       -     Main Steam

MSIV    -     Main Steam Isolation Valve

N/A      -     Not Applicable

NARE   -     New And Replacement Equipment and Parts

NC       -     Normally Closed

NCIG    -     Nuclear Construction Issues Group

NE       -     Normally Energized

NEI      -     Nuclear Energy Institute

NEP     -     Non-Exceedance Probability

NPSH   -     Net Positive Suction Head

NPV     -     Notification of Potential Violation (of Design Bases)

NRC     -     Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRR     -     Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Office of (NRR)

NSSS   -     Nuclear Steam Supply System

NTTF   -     Near-Term Task Force

NUMARC   Nuclear Management and Resource Council

NUREG      -     NRC Technical Report Designation

NUREG/CR      NRC Contractor Technical Report

O&M    -     Operation and Maintenance

OBE     -     Operating Basis Earthquake

OD       -     Outside Diameter

OEM    -     Original Equipment Manufacturer

OES     -     Original Equipment Supplier

OSVS   -     Outlier Seismic Verification Sheet

P&ID    -     Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

PDR     -     Public Document Room

PGA     -     Peak Ground Acceleration

PORV   -     Power-Operated Relief Valve

PRA     -     Probabilistic Risk Assessment

PSAR   -     Preliminary Safety Analysis Report

PSE     -     Plant Support Engineering

PWR    -     Pressurized Water Reactor

QA       -     Quality Assurance

RAI      -     Request for Additional Information

RBCCW     Building Closed Cooling Water

RC       -     Reactor Coolant

RCIC    -     Reactor Core Isolation Cooling

RCP     -     Reactor Coolant Pump

RCS     -     Reactor Coolant System

RG       -     Regulatory Guide

RHR     -     Residual Heat Removal

RHRS   -     Residual Heat Removal System

RLE      -     Review Level Earthquake

RPS     -     Reactor Protection System

RTD     -     Resistance Temperature Detector

RV       -     Reactor Vessel

RVLIS  -     Reactor Vessel Level Indication System

RW      -     Raw Water

RWCU  -     Reactor Water Cleanup

RWST  -     Refueling Water Storage Tank

SAPS   -     Severe Accident Policy Statement

SAR     -     Safety Analysis Report

SAV     -     Specified Acceleration Value

SBO     -     Station Blackout

SC       -     Shutdown Cooling

SCE     -     Seismic Capability Engineer

SER     -     Safety Evaluation Report

SEP     -     Systematic Evaluation Program

SEQ     -     Seismic Equipment Qualification

SEQUAL     Seismic Experience-Based Qualification Owners Group

SEWS  -     Screening Evaluation Work Sheets

SG       -     Steam Generator

SI         -     Safety Injection

SLC      -     Standby Liquid Control

SMA     -     Seismic Margins Assessment

SME     -     Seismic Margin Earthquake

SOV     -     Solenoid-Operated Valve

SPLD   -     Success Path Logic Diagram

SPRA   -     Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment

SQ       -     Seismic Qualification

SQUG  -     Seismic Qualification Utility Group

SQURTS    Seismic Qualification Reporting and Testing Standardization

SRP     -     Standard Review Plan

SRT     -     Seismic Review Team

SRV     -     Safety Relief Valve

SSE     -     Safe Shutdown Earthquake

SSEL    -     Safe Shutdown Equipment List

SSER   -     Supplemental Safety Evaluation Report

SSRAP -     Senior Seismic Review and Advisory Panel

STERI  -     Seismic Technical Evaluation of Replacement Items

SVDS   -     Screening Verification Data Sheet

SW       -     Service Water

Tc        -     Tcold, cold leg temperature

TERI    -     Technical Evaluation of Replacement Items

Th        -     Thot, hot leg temperature

TRANS -     Transformer

TRS     -     Test Response Spectrum

USAR   -     Updated Safety Analysis Report

USI      -     Unresolved Safety Issue

XMTR  -     Transmitter

ZPA      -     Zero Period Acceleration

ZPGA   -     Zero Period Ground Acceleration



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