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Welcome to SQUG


The Seismic Qualification Utility Group (SQUG) collects, evaluates, and facilitates the use of earthquake and testing experience data on behalf of its member companies.  Its mission is to maintain the validity of and to support and broaden the use of earthquake experience data as a cost-effective method for seismic qualification and fragility development.

The group is organized under the auspices of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  A description of SQUG is provided here.  A brief video describing the overall structure and contents of the SQUG web site may be viewed here.


The high level activities SQUG has been engaged in to support its mission include the following:


  • Perform for the utilities the generic activities required by the NRC for both past (A-46) and future use of the GIP
  • Respond to NRC issues that could impact past (A-46) and future use of the GIP
  • Maintain the viability of the existing equipment classes
  • Monitor and investigate earthquakes with significant ground motion for potential further study with respect to equipment performance
  • Develop cost-effective new and expanded equipment classes (e.g., HVAC, Piping, Cranes)
  • Gain broader acceptance and use of the experience based seismic methodology
  • Provide training and support for long-term use of the GIP methods including its use for new and replacement equipment and parts
  • Develop generic NARE evaluations for equipment and component replacements
  • Collect and catalog a library of NARE evaluations and post them onto SQUG Web site
  • Develop business practices to justify future SQUG activities based on cost/benefit to members
  • Address the quality assurance issues associated with use of the earthquake experience database
  • Support development of improved fragilities based on experience data


Last Updated: 09/14/2021

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